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Image 4FORM I9 Employment Eligibility Verification – Non-Notary Service

Download Authorized Representative Contract

Form I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Services are offered as a Non-Notary Service.

Our Form I9 services assists employers with Form I9 Employment Eligibility Verification for remote hires.  To contract services for Form I‐9 Employment Eligibility Verification review and completion:

 Please return the completed contract to:

  •  Phyllis E. Traylor, 17460 IH 35 N, Suite #430, PMB 421, Schertz, TX 7815
    (mailing address), or
  • (email), or
  •  866‐496‐3915 (fax).

No services will be provided prior to receipt of this contract. If you need emergency service or have any questions please call me at (210) 343-5007.

Contrary to popular belief the Form I9 does not require notarization, so a Notary Public cannot affix his or her notary stamp to this document.

When serving as an authorized representative for an employer the Notary Public is prohibited from attesting that he or she is a Notary Public.

If  a notary public is hired, the notary public is acting as an authorized representative of the employer, not as a notary. The notary public must perform the same required actions as an authorized representative. When acting as an authorized representative, the notary public should not provide a notary seal on Form I-9.

Please call or email for additional information or assistance:

Disclaimer:  My San Antonio Mobile Notary provides third-party completion of the Form I-9. Neither the company nor the website provides legal, financial, accounting or immigration advice or services, and anyone seeking such advice or services should consult the services of a professional of their choosing for these types of assistance.


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